Dollar Bin Di$co Find$

I'm starting/proposing a new recurring 'column' that would list vinyl we just picked up from dollar bins. Consider it a celebration of crate digging, even though I realize how the internet has provided us with any song we ever want to hear at any time without the fun of the journey in digging through stacks of vinyl. The fact that I'm linking Youtube videos of these tracks kind of makes my mind explode. Even though I probably will not DJ with vinyl much anymore, I'm still addicted to searching through record shops. More specifically, dollar bins for lost disco/boogie/'dance' gems. This is a way I can further justify by spending money on records.

Junie Morrison - "Techno-Freqs" (1984)

Lisa - "Tempt Me" (1985) [starting at 07:05]

Jermaine Jackson - "Let's Get Serious" LP (1980). The LP is produced by Stevie Wonder.

Ashford & Simpson - "A Musical Affair" LP (1980)

Chic - "Real People" LP (1980)

Cashmere - "Do It Anyway You Wanna" (1983)

Deele - "Body Talk" (1983)

Total = $7


Corey said...

the Cashmere track is ace! Good finds.

Grey said...

I love the Real People cover