Philly-based Dj Sega produces a lot of philly, b-more, and jersey club tracks. What are their distinctions? Here are two perspectives:

"Baltimore club is more for the club scene. It's hype, and has a lot of horns... Jersey club is a little more mainstream simply because they chop it up more to make remixes of mainstream hip-hop, and they use a lot of bass. Philly club has elements of both--without as many horns, and it also has a lot of bass. I try to add some soul to it too." –Dj Sega

"Honestly, while I absolutely love everything DJ Sega and the Brick Bandits touch, I don’t think there’s any good reason whatsoever to separate Jersey Club or Philly Club (known as "Party Music" within Philly) from the godfather of it all, Baltimore Club Music. If you ignore geography, there’s no arguing that the Club Music that comes from these three cities, but even the Club that comes from as far away as Paris and Helsinki is firmly based on an aesthetic tradition that was established in Baltimore in the early 90s and continues to this day through the work of Scottie B, DJ Technics, KW Griff, DJ Booman, and DJ Class, amongst others. I don’t understand how anyone could intelligently argue that there’s anything so unique and/or aesthetically unifying that justifies differentiating these songs geographically. It’s all Baltimore Club Music to me."
- Emynd

This excerpt is from a set played at the Bowery Ballroom back in May; it’s my favorite part, and is perfect for Halloween.

Psycho Theme (DJ Sega mix)


Anonymous said...

i saw this guy dj in march and it was incredible. one of those experiences where you're not with anyone else but you're having a freak out session/great time anyway.
-bleccch diamonT

Corey said...

oh man, i bet it was cool. i missed him at the mad decent block party in august b/c i got sick. however, i can really only take b-more club in moderation.