"Hey Ferris, Love Ya Pal"

How does one measure the importance of a film about a boy skipping school. Well I m no cast member of VH1's hit show I Love the 80's but I do remember Ferris Bueller being a big part of my childhood. I grew up singing Danke Schoen and mohawking my hair in the shower and really wanting a removable shower head so I could sing Danke Schoen into it with a mohawk. I remember thinking that changing your abscense to 2 and not 0 was a brilliant idea and that eating oreos in a hot tub would be a great way to relax. Yeah , Ferris was my type of guy.

To show my appriciation for this great film I've made a mix. It isn't much (clocking in at just over 20 minutes) but it has some creative stuff going on that Jon Hughes might even appreciate.

So here it is.

Between grief and nothingness... I'll take grief.


Ango said...

The new falke track! Amazing! The song after it, I think Grey has put that on a mix before, is that right Grey? Such a great mix, good job AC.

Corey said...

Just now hearing this. Really good. What's the song that starts at 4:50? is that falke?