Carolina, Right? or A Carolina Divided Can Stand: How One Man Toppled The Odds And Made Good Music In A State Devoid Of Such (Horton, 2009)

When I meet someone new and tell them where I am from, I say "I'm from North Carolina." Often, their reaction is, "I've heard CAROLINA is beautiful." After this, I have to explain there is no CAROLINA--there are 2 very different states (after all, would you say "Ohhh I've heard DAKOTA is beautiful"). I then go into the idea how North Carolinians tend to consider South Carolina as an inferior state--save Charleston for the 3 days you may spend their for a vacation. Well, you know HIFEVER fans, I think I may be warming up to my former southern neighbor.


WASHED OUT is from Columbia, South Carolina and makes dreamy, compressed, downbeat, pop music. I suggest the track "I Feel it All Around," which sounds like music someone would make if they listened to 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" continuously while on a peyote-fueled speed boat odyssey. THIS is a good thing. Anyway, check out the rest for yourself right here:


But Don't Take My Word For It (shit don't mean fuck to me, after all)

ALSO--A Very Special Birthday WISH for our very own ANGO. Take our breath away.


Winnie said...

you lost me at "I think I may be warming up to my former southern neighbor." I will never read the rest of the post. Ya blew it.


Corey said...

I have never stopped in SC, only passed through it. "South Carolina" conjures up the following: the first state to secede (effectively triggering the Civil War), grandiose plantations, foreign car factories, the birthplace of Stephen Colbert, and "illegal" fireworks. Am I missing anything else?

I feel like people in SC are still fighting for civil rights; it's definitely a place to avoid.
*although I hear Charleston is okay.

Winnie said...

don't forget that some alcohol sales and all tattoo parlors are illegal!

not to mention http://christianexodus.org/

Anonymous said...

re: peyote-fueled speed boat odyssey...well done.

Paddles said...

SC has a blossoming music scene

Susan said...

sc also has south of the border. it's like they can't stop giving me reasons to avoid their state.

Corey said...

this guy is really great.

feel it all around.