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I guess I was first introduced to Italo Disco through hearing Sally Shapiro's Disco Romance last January (even though it's really only paying dues to true Italo Disco artists of the 1980's). One of the most poingant images I have in my head, in relation to Sally Shapiro, is listening to Disco Romance while carefully driving down a winding road somewhere in Boone. Snow was falling, the roads were patched in ice, and I had just spent the day skiing and eating Italian (italo?) food with Grey and Mr. Ahhh(h?). To me, this time of year seems really appropriate for electronic music. It reflects the climate outside accurately in comparison to many other genres. But, this is just my opinion and this isn't a personal blog where I complain about my friends not understanding me and all my other extremely personal and embarrassing teenage feelings. Or maybe I'll just save that for another post.

ANYWAY. Here's a track from a Sally Shapiro-esque Swedish artist named Cloetta Paris. I didn't really get into the song until I heard it through headphones. Sure, she really resembles Sally Shapiro or a more mellowed down Annie--but I don't consider either of those things bad.

Cloetta Paris-I Miss You Someone

This is an Italo Disco song from a band called Canton in 1984. I stumbled upon the other day when I found the Cloetta Paris track. The version I first heard was actually in Italian and I think I actually prefer that version over what I have in mp3 form. The track is called Sonnambulismo and translates to "Sleepwalking."

Canton-Sonnambulismo (Sleepwalking)

Here is the video from where I first heard the song.


Johan Agebjorn, Sally Shapiro's producer, has a remix he did of the Mega Man 2 video game for NES on his Myspace site (http://www.myspace.com/johanagebjoern). Apparently, he also released a 3.5" floppy disk as an album when he was first starting out. The Mega Man remix will be available on the Spacer Woman 12" that's coming out soon. Mega Man 2 might be my favorite video game ever made, so I flipped over this.

Alright, now I'm done taking up most of the page.


Mr. Ahhh "The Arctic Cat" said...

man, you make me wanna play mega man so bad.

Winnie said...

i like that you wrote a lot, Seth. it's good to have a context for the songs, and i think we would all do well to follow your example. good songs, too, btw.

dR.wOw said...

hey, i think i'm getting into sally shapiro. finally.